Stoned drivers hauling rocks

“The Big Dig,” Boston’s eternal public-works project, has been a great source of entertainment for those of us who prefer to laugh through our tears. The $2-billion-dollar project (original projections) is closing in on 15 billion dollars, it’s still not done, and large parts are already falling apart. It’s become a full-employment project for so many industries.

Including journalism. It seems whenever someone thinks they might get laid off from a newspaper or TV station, they go down to the Big Dig and pick a scandal off the top of the pile to expose.

The latest media outlet to “go to the well” is the Boston Herald, which noticed a large number of Big Dig truck drivers were making unscheduled stops on their runs.

Now, if it was a Dunkin Donuts or something, that might be understandable. Everyone does that.

But a methadone clinic?

Apparently it’s so bad that the Teamsters have an on-staff drug counselor who accompanies some of them to the clinic.

Initially, there was some question about whether driving a big truck while taking Methadone was against federal law or not. But a little checking discovered that Methadone was specifically listed as a banned medication for drivers of commercial vehicles.

But we have to UNDERSTAND, you see. These truckers are VICTIMS, and they’re just trying to support their FAMILIES while they struggle with their DISEASE of addiction.

Further, they’re UNION MEMBERS, and to take them off the road would be to punish all workers, and engender a climate of fear among those who would seek TREATMENT for their CONDITION.

And if anyone happens to get crushed by a driver who starts getting a little glaze-eyed while driving 80,000 pounds of truck, well, that’s a small price to pay for being such a compassionate society.

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