Radical gays' threats outrage nearly everyone

Yesterday, I wrote about a gay couple that was organizing a web site to list everyone who signed a petition to put the question of gay marriage before the voters of Massachusetts. I thoroughly denounced the idea, and even considered posting the name, address, and phone number of their business. (I didn’t, but a commenter did the same “research” I did and posted it to his own web page.)

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who saw that as an incredibly vile thing to do — and are willing to set aside their differences to condemn it.

The spokesman for MassEquality, a coalition of gay-rights groups, yesterday joined the spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Family Institute, who are sponsoring the drive, to denounce the efforts of Tom Lang and Alex Westerhoff.

At times like this, I almost wish I lived in Massachusetts. I’d sign the petition, because I believe that this is a matter that needs to be settled by the people, not three judges. And then when it actually came up for a vote, I’d speak against it and vote against it, because I believe that recognizing civil marriage for gays IS the right thing to do. And if the amendment passed anyway, I’d support efforts to change it — because that’s how I think our system is supposed to work, and that’s how I think is the only way it will work.

I’m sorry, did I just say I almost wish I lived in Massachusetts? I think I better go check my temperature or lie back down for a bit or something…

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