Spreading the lies of terrorists

This morning’s Boston Globe has the story of a Palestinian named Jamal Al-Dura. Mr. Al-Dura’s son was killed during a firefight between Palestinian snipers and Israeli Defense Forces, who had been ambushed.

Mr. Al-Dura says that he’s had enough of the Intifadah against Israel. He just wants to build a home for himself and his family, and has forbidden his eldest son from joining any “militant” organization — at least until he graduates from college.

It’s been a rough four years for Mr. Al-Dura. He’s spent them touring the Arab world, repeating his tale and mouthing the anti-Israeli slogans. He’s figuratively waved the bloody shirt of his 12-year-old son, Mohammed, and blamed the Israelis for his death.

The Globe story is filled with sympathy and pathos. The one thing that is missing from the story is one single, annoying fact:

It’s highly doubtful that the Israelis shot his son. He was almost certain he was killed by his fellow Palestinians — quite possibly deliberately.

I’m glad that Mr. Al-Dura has chosen to reject the violence, and finally decided to stop using his son’s death to call for more death.

I only wish he’d done it four years ago.

Can't we just hang him?
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