Pitcher scores grand slam

One of the many thousands of people made refugees by Hurricane Katrina is the Fields family. This couple has seven kids, and they were staying at an Atlanta hotel until a web site set up to help families find temporary homes put them in touch with an anonymous benefactor who offered to put them up in a Boston hotel for up to a year, if necessary.

No fools, the Fields jumped at the chance. They arrived in Beantown over the weekend, and met their benefactors at the hotel. A youngish couple, soft-spoken and rather devout, fulfilling what they viewed as their Christian duty and sharing the blessings they have been given in life.

But the couple’s name struck Mr. Fields as unusual. It seemed vaguely familiar. He could only recall ever hearing it once before, but he couldn’t quite place it…

And then it came to him: sports. More specifically, a Boston Red Sox pitcher. One who had been the hero of the World Series, nearly literally crippling himself to bring home the championship after 86 years.

It was no coincidence — the Fields’ benefactors were indeed Curt and Shonda Schilling.

They’d hoped for anonymity, but it didn’t work out. And so while Schilling is having a mediocre season on the Red Sox, most likely to tearing the hell out of his ankle and foot last year (he finished one game with his sock soaked in blood), even those of us who don’t give a damn about sports have good reason to think of him as a hero.

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