Blanco Paralyzed by Fear

The Bush haters are in high gear and they’ve never let the facts get in their way before but as I posted yesterday, an image is starting to become clear. There were a ton of problems with New Orleans proper but Blanco was absolutely worthless.

Blanco has refused to sign over control of the National Guard to the federal government and has turned to a Clinton administration official, former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief James Lee Witt, to help run relief efforts.

Blanco was not told when Bush would visit the state, nor was she immediately invited to meet him or travel with him. Blanco’s office didn’t know Bush was coming until told by reporters. Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said the White House reached out to Blanco’s office on Sunday, but didn’t hear back. White House staff in Louisiana spoke with Blanco early Monday, he said.

For about the 10,000th time…. The President can’t just take over the National Guard. Traditionally the Governor of whatever state immediately asked the Feds for help and lets them run the show. Blanco simply could not make a decision. She froze. And when she did make a decision, (while I hate to bring partisanship into this) it really looks to me like she was a Democrat first and a Governor second.

The seeds of the disaster were planted a decade ago or more. But any attempt to minimize it was preempted by indecision and incompetence.

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