An ethical dilemma — resolved

A while ago I mentioned a bit of an ethical dilemma I had — without intending to, I had come into possession of a large number of cans that bore a Massachusetts deposit stamp, yet I had not paid the deposit. I asked the Wizbang readers what you thought I should do with them. There were many suggestions, as well as a few aspersions, but in the end I did something very similar to what a number of commenters suggested.

So yesterday I unloaded over 200 cans into a recycling machine in Massachusetts and got a smidgen over $10.00 (209 cans, for a total of $10.45, if you must know). I took that money, rounded it up to an even $20.00, and gave it to the Red Cross for hurricane relief.

I like to think I was inspired by George Carlin, who once said he never has problems with counterfeit bills: he puts them in the collection plate at church.

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