The National Guard Moves Into New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS (AP) – To cries of “Thank you, Jesus!” and catcalls of “What took you so long?,” a National Guard convoy packed with food, water and medicine rolled through axle-deep floodwaters Friday into what remained of New Orleans and descended into a maelstrom of fires and floating corpses.

“Lord, I thank you for getting us out of here!” Leschia Radford shrieked amid a throng of tens of thousands of storm victims outside the New Orleans Convention Center.

More than four days after the storm hit, the caravan of at least three-dozen camouflage-green troop vehicles and supply trucks arrived along with dozens of air-conditioned buses to take refugees out of the city. President Bush also took an aerial tour of the ruined city, and answered complaints about a sluggish government response by saying, “We’re going to make it right.”

In what looked like a scene from a Third World country, some people threw their arms heavenward and others nearly fainted with joy as the trucks and hundreds of soldiers arrived in the punishing midday heat.

Note that the commander-in-chief of the Louisiana National Guard is Governor Kathleen Blanco (D). How she’s deflected all blame for the delays in deployment is beyond me (certainly having the “D” behind her name doesn’t hurt), especially when (as of Wednesday) only half of the available Louisiana National Guard was deployed for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts…

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