Beantown: Better late than never

Last April, Boston’s mayor, the honorable Thomas M. “Mumbles” Menino, wanted some new wheels. And Hizzoner can’t bee seen tooling around The Hub in just any old piece of junk, so he got the city to fork over the bucks to lease him a seriously fly ride — a Ford Expedition.

But now that gas prices in and around the Bay State are over $3.00/gallon (I saw a station in Lawrence that was up to $3.48 last week), Da Mayor is starting to feel the pinch. Well, not directly — the city covers all the expenses of his land yacht — but the PR hit was starting to fry his nose (to use one of his Meninoisms — see here for samples). So he’s turning it in, and he’s going to get something that gets better than it’s rated 14 MPG.

When Mumbles first snagged the Ford Expedition, I suggested he could get just as much benefit from a minivan, with considerably better fuel economy. But we’ll all be eagerly watching to see just what Mumbles chooses.

I’m willing to bet, however, it won’t be a little four-cylinder econobox, like a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla. After all, we’re talking about The Mayor here.

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