The 10 Spot – Friday Katrina Edition

Ten Katrina stories you should know about…

  1. Michelle Catalano shares an e-mail from her friend Dan who went to the Astrodome in Houston to volunteer. [A Small Victory]
  2. Smash is proposing that folks support Katrina relief efforts by observing “Lent in September” – [IndePundit]
  3. Advice From a Former Recovery Worker – [Hurricaid]
  4. Pennywit wonders where mental-health professionals who want to get involved (they most certainly will be needed) should turn to. [Pennywit]
  5. InstaPundit links to the Federal Reserve statement on the ways financial institutions can help. For customers in affected areas I recommend printing a copy of that page and taking it with you when you visit a bank location. [Federal Reserve]
  6. The Wall Street Journal is running a Katrina news tracker that’s frequently updated by wire services and WSJ reporters. No registration required… [OnlineJournal]
  7. ‘Fats’ Domino has been located! Others are still searching… [Michelle Malkin]
  8. A compilation of all the meanness, stupidity, and political attacks in the wake of Katrina. [Chrenkoff]
  9. NZ Bear and Hugh Hewitt are extending and expanding the Blog Relief Day concept. – [Hugh Hewitt, TTLB]
  10. Rogers Cadenhead notes that liberal bloggers have raised $100,000 for disaster relief via BlogAds, wondering where conservative weblogs are. He should checkout the leaderboard at TTLB – [Workbench]

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