Wal-Mart Pitches In

Wal-Mart steps up to address one of the most critical technology issues arising from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – the need to contact those affected. A variety of individuals have attempted to create solutions, but they’ve quickly been over-run by traffic.

Yesterday Wal-Mart opened a Emergency Contact Service in their stores (Wal-Mart Store, SAMS CLUB, Neighborhood Market, or Distribution Centers) and on the internet to allow Wal-Mart associates and customers to post messages regarding their well-being on their website. Anyone can post or search messages at the web site.

This is in addition to the other significant giving they’re doing.

Update: MoveOn.org (an organization I disagree with politically in every way) is pitching in with a much needed service. They’ve created a Hurricane Housing Exchange. Details at Hurricaid.

Update 2: Wal-Mart kicks in an additional $15 million. RedState has the details…

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