The Question of the Day

(I’m leaving this one at the top for a few hours.. It’s a big one. Check below for updates)
No matter what condition our homes are in we all want know the same thing… When can we get to them?

Via Ken, a Wizbang reader who has been doing yeoman’s work keeping on track of the situation, a letter from Rep. Scalise:

Last night we had another conference call with many federal and state officials. There are still a number of questions that are not answered, but more information is becoming available.

Jefferson residents will be able to return on Monday morning at 6am, but can only go to check on things and remove valuables.  Power is still weeks away.

Parts of St. Tammany are accessible but others have no power or water.  Gas is still hard to get once you get closer than Baton Rouge, so keep your tanks full if you return.

Orleans and St. Bernard are still dealing with a number of problems and no date has been set for anyone to return as of yet.

It ain’t much but it’s something. I’d just like 20 minutes and that would help a lot. Give me a few hours and I might be down right giddy.

Stand by for next week’s post when 100,000 people run out of gas on the interstate. (Hey, gallows humor beats none at all.)

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