The 10 Spot – Katrina Edition

Ten stories on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you may not have seen…

  1. Blogging the aftermath of Katrina from DirectNIC’s data center in downtown New Orleans. As the author says, “It’s the wild kingdom. It’s Lord of the Flies..” They’re also giving shelter to a policeman who says the force is pretty much gone and nobody knows what is going on… – [The Interdictor]
  • In that same vein, this Fark thread features running commentary from Farkers who are listening to the NO police scanner feed. The signal to noise ratio is (predictably) high – [FARKprior thread]
  • ‘Fats’ Domino as well as some other New Orleans jazz legends are missing. [FoxNews]
  • FEMA’s hiring, and they’re paying $15 an hour! – [Hurricaid]
  • CNN is reporting that people are dying at New Orleans Convention Center – [Outside The Beltway]
  • If Bush had met with Cindy Sheehan, this never would have happened – [Asymmetrical Information]
  • Bush Derangement Syndrome Alert! The Daily Kos community and Media Matters shill Duncan Black (aka Atrios) are knee deep in BDS. Instead of even bothering to follow the links, just take my word for it…
  • According to AP, white people “find,”black people “loot. – [BoingBoing]
  • This Salon book review, The Battle of New Orleans, explains the geography and history of New Orleans’ journey from above ground to under sea level. The city is sloped from higher to lower elevations (remember water has nowhere to drain naturally – take a guess where the low income people live? – [Salon]
  • Someone at CNN ought to send the word to the producers to tell Miles O’Brien, Soledad O’Brien and the rest to shut up and quit trying to “manufacture” news and keep the focus where it belongs. – [The National Debate]
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