Information on Jefferson Highway Nursing Home?

I’ve tried to keep my Kartina coverage aimed at the big picture and not asking to help specific people. There are dozens of websites that are overflowing with posts asking about a specific place… Anyway FOW (Friend of Wizbang) Matt is in desperate need of some answers about his mother and Geeze I feel horrible about it so here is the exception to my rule… Anyone with answers, go here:

We are, in a very real way, utterly desperate for any information about the location of the patients who lived at Jefferson Healthcare (2200 Jefferson Highway). the man I mentioned above has even contacted the state and other government agencies, and nobody knows where they are.

If you can help, please email us (, post in the comments or you can call me at 479.200.4257. Anytime, day or night.

He’s emailed me some of the details and frankly I’m shedding tears. Any help appreciated.

Important Update: SUCCESS!!!!!!!!

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