Blog for Relief Day

Bloggers (led by Glenn Reynolds and Hugh Hewitt, and NZ Bear) have collectively organized a Blog for Relief Day, where participating blogs join by indicating the charities they recommend readers make aid donations through.

Ours are simple…

If you’re looking to support a wide range of efforts, give via American Red Cross.

If you’d like a more micro-charity approach; donate to Wizbang’s own homeless and self-(un)employed co-author Paul. Details on how to give to Paul are available here. He explains what he will be doing with funds raised in this comment.

If you’re looking to donate time doing research and writing on relief, sign-up to post at

Those our just our suggestions. InstaPundit has a long list of other blogger suggested charities.

Update: TTLB is keeping track of contributions. If you donated to Paul there’s an option to record that contribution.

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