If you’ve read some of Paul’s posts about Hurricane Katrina you’re probably aware that he’s out of house and out of work.

Several people have asked what, if anything, they could do to help. In both the short and long term what those displaced by Hurricane Katrina need most is money. Think about the millions displaced… Many fled to stay with family in other cities, while others are staying in hotels. Just the cost of the hotel bills alone will be enough to tap the bank accounts of those displaced by the storm. These people are going to be homeless for several months, which is going to be a hell of a hotel bill…

I’ve discussed the situation with Paul, so here’s the deal. We will be raising money here at Wizbang to go directly to him. I expect that he will spend some portion of it on himself and his family, but I’m know for a fact that he knows of people in tighter spots than he, who he would like to help. If you’re OK with that arrangement please consider donating (via PayPal) by clicking the button below (or in the left sidebar).

The PayPal payments go directly to me, then the full amount of the donation is forwarded to Paul to spend as he sees fit. He may (or may not) report back on what the money is being used for. If you’re comfortable with that arrangement I’d like to personally encourage you to donate. Jay Tea will be detailing some of our other fundraising efforts (proceeds going to Paul and others) later today.

This is micro-charity folks. If you’re looking to make relief donations in aggregate try the Red Cross link in the left sidebar.

Update (8/31/05 5:00PM ET): The first $1000 has been raised and sent. In addition to the amount I will be contributing, I’ll also be covering the PayPal fees of all the donations, so that Paul will receive every penny that is donated.

Update (9/1/05 3:00PM ET): $2,200 and counting. Thank you so much -keep it coming…

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