An island of normalcy

As Kevin mentioned, I’m working on a few ideas for raising money for hurricane relief. I’ll have a few posted tomorrow, but I’m also going to keep up my normal postings.

After 9/11, Art Buchwald wrote a book called “We’ll Laugh Again.” His point was that we must not diminish the ongoing tragedy, but that someday, somehow, we will return to something resembling normalcy. And Robin Williams came up with the first 9/11 joke that actually made me laugh, too.

But I’m also doing this for my own sanity. I watched about 8 solid hours of hurricane news Sunday and Monday, and it drained me. Knowing that Paul is among the refugees, someong I’ve blogged alongside for about 18 months, makes it even that much more personal.

I’m going to keep following the coverage, and I’m going to do all I can to help. But I’m also going to keep writing exactly as I have been for the past year and a half. I’ll keep up the travels of Mr. Duckie, the exposing of further Mass. Insanity, and in general discussing whatever crosses my mind. Because I need that sanctuary from the horror.

And, maybe, some of you do, too.

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