Finally, a lawyer I admire

There’s a great story in the Boston Glob (of all places) today.

Back in 1996, a couple from Brooklyn were stopped in Israel by men wearing Palestinian Authority uniforms. They turned out to be 1) off duty, and 2) members of Hamas, and killed the couple.

An Israeli court appointed a Providence, Rhode Island lawyer to represent the couple’s orphaned children in the United States. He sued the Palestinian Authority, and won a judgment worth $116 million dollars.

After winning, he did what any good lawyer would do: he tried to collect. And when the PA refused, he started freezing assets.

Now the PA finds a bunch of its assets in the US, including a $1.3-billion-dollar investment fund, frozen until they settle up with Attorney Strachan and his clients.

It’s put the PA in a bit of a bind. If they settle with him, then they establish a precedent that they are liable for terrorist acts. And they can’t use the “sovereign nation” defense, because a US court has already ruled that there is no nation of Palestine, and the PA does not constitute a sovereign government.

I’ve often said that the war on terror is more important than a criminal case, that we need to fight it with warriors, not cops and lawyers. But I think I can make an exception in Attorney Strachan’s case.

(Note: I wrote about this this morning, but due to technical issues it got eaten. I’ve recreated it as best I could.)

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