New Orleans Avoids Total Destruction


It appears that the catastrophic flooding of New Orleans that everyone feared has been avoided. The US Army Corps of Engineers shows near real-time measurements of the levy system on the Mississippi at Here’s the latest graph (with record high level in red):

Click for full size graphic

It was suggested that the 8 foot mark on Lake Pontchartrain would be catastrophic. Among the levies on the Mississippi the peak levels appear to have been reached, as shown below.

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There’s still widespread flooding, and portions of the city are said to have 6 feet or more of floodwaters, but the possibility of the entire city vanishing under 30 feet of water seems to have been avoided by a last minute eastward shift of the eye of the hurricane by 55 miles. Of course now it’s just a horrific disaster, as opposed to an unprecedented one…

Katrina pounds Louisiana, Gulf Coast – [CNN]
La., Miss., Ala. feel Hurricane Katrina’s pain – [MSNBC]

Update: Perhaps the early optimism was, well, too optimistic

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