Well, that didn’t take long…

Less than a week after Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians have finally taken their first step towards controlling the terrorists in their midst. In the town of Beersheba, we have seen the first signs of moderation from the terrorists: a suicide bomber at a bus station only killed himself, while wounding 21 others.

I applaud this move towards easing the tensions. This is an excellent first step. Next, perhaps we’ll see bombers only wounding themselves, and merely inconveniencing innocents. Eventually, the bomb belts will be replaced with stink bombs, and we’ll all have a good chuckle at how things have improved since the old days.

Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. But it shows that 1) despite Israel’s taking a huge step towards peace, the Palestinians still refuse to crack down on terrorists; 2) the withdrawal was not seen as a conciliatory gesture, but a victory for terrorism and a defeat for Israel; and 3) (I’m predicting here) there will be a great hue and cry for Israel to show “restraint,” and the Palestinian Authority will say bad things about the incident while continuing to refuse to do a goddamned thing about preventing future attacks.

In fact, just yesterday the Palestinian Prime Minister predicted that there would be more attacks. At least, I think that’s what he said. My Arabic isn’t so good, and I sometimes get “predicted” and “ordered” confused. Way to “crack down on the terrorists,” Mr. Qurie.

At least this time the only one killed was the bomber. But that was only by luck and an alert security guard.

Update: as I predicted, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has issued a statement:

Abbas condemned the suicide bombing, calling it “a terrorist attack” in a statement issued by the official Palestinian news agency WAFA. He described Israel’s Tulkarm raid as a “provocation” and urged all sides to show restraint.

I almost wish they’d make it a little harder to predict their actions. It’s getting boring.

(Update: typo in last graf corrected. Sean, if you’re looking for a proofreading job, I’ll give you a decent recommendation.)

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