Yet Another Dose Of Sheehan Lunacy

Political Teen has video up of Cindy Sheehan being interviewed on Bill Maher’s show.

Here’s an interesting quote from her statement:

Bill this isn’t for me, it’s in honor of our children who have already been killed. But there’s millions of people in harm’s way in Iraq and we need to get our military out of there. We need to secure the country and you know I was only the sparks that started off this fire as the peace movement and if I wanted to call it off today, I couldn’t even do it. It’s just a momentum and a life of it’s own. It’s organic, and it’s living, and like I said earlier, we are going to stop this war.

How do we secure the country and pull our troops out? Or does she think the country will be secured when the terrorists win after we pull out?

She did make a point that’s hard to argue with, however. She said that if the President had met with her two weeks ago a lot of this anti-war publicity would have ended. Its kind of a hard point to take, though. After all, accosting the President at his private residence and calling him a “murderer” is typically not the best way to get an audience with him.

But even if the President had met with Sheehan I’m not convinced that the media circus would have gone away. The anti-war movement has, for better or worse, found its most effective mouthpiece, if only because the media refuses to illuminate some of Sheehan’s nastier comments about the President and her Jewish conspiracy theories.

Either way, its water under the bridge now. The fact of the matter, emotional diatribes aside, is that pulling out now will likely undo all that we’ve been fighting for over in Iraq. We will leave Iraq not as a new democratic ally in the turbulent middle east but rather a rogue state once again, just under different leadership.

Sheehan also made one other interesting comment. She said that the President doesn’t really believe that the war in Iraq is a war on terrorism. She states that the Downing Street Memo proves that war in Iraq was imminent even before 9/11 and that there were no terrorists in Iraq. Which is a handy bit of lunacy that meshes right in with Michael Moore’s idea of Iraq as a kite-flying utopia prior to the invasion. Which is total crap, of course, and I’m sure one Mr. Abu Zarqawi would have a few words to say about the idea that there were no terrorists in Iraq prior to invasion.

After this Sheehan again falls into the “the war was for greed and power” and “my son died for nothing” with overtones of the idea that Iraq is not capable of democracy. In other words, the same crap we’ve heard from the anti-war left from day one. Which just makes me wonder, if this rhetoric hasn’t gained traction with the American people before is it really all that more convincing now that its being pushed by a grieving mother?

Its the same product, just a different packaging.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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