More On The Walter Reed Protests

Marc Morano, author of the CNSNews story I posted about here, and Code Pink’s Laura Costas were interviewed on Hannity & Colmes last night about the on-going protest outside Walter Reed Hospital.

The Political Teen has the video.

A couple of notes.

Costas starts off her commentary by saying that Code Pink is not protesting. Rather, they’re sponsoring a “vigil.” That’s totally misleading drivel aimed at putting a more respectful face on what they’re doing, which is attempting to bring an end to the war by demoralizing the men and women (and their families) who are fighting it.

Another thing that bothers me is thing that bothers me is the way Colmes (and others) keep going on about how the wounded vets are brought into the hospital at night. The implication, of course, is that the government is trying to “hide” the wounded from the public eye. My contention is that the military is trying to protect the soldiers from the political furor over the war that follows them even to the hospitals where they are trying to get well. I have no doubt that people like Colmes and Costas would love to have images of wounded and battle-weary soldiers splashed all over the media, but is that really fair to the soldiers themselves? Don’t you think there should be more important considerations here above political point-scoring? Like leaving our troops alone so they can get well?

All in all, Costas’ defense of Code Pink was pretty lame. Her first line of defense for some of the more outrageous signs (like “Sign Up Here To Die For Halliburton”) was “we can’t control everybody who shows up.” Then when it came out that the video indicated that this was the message of the group and that testimony from soldiers in the hospital talked about seeing this type of thing from the protesters over and over again she started shouting, “My brother served in Iraq!” over everything every body else was saying. As though that were an excuse for her behavior and the behavior of her cohorts. In fact, it should almost the “Cindy Sheehan Defense.” Don’t hold me accountable for the deplorable things I say and do, I had family in Iraq!

Morano himself absolutely skewered Costas by asking her why, if this was a vigil and not a protest of the war, are her people in front of a hospital full of soldiers at a time (visiting hours) when they’ll get maximum exposure to the soldiers and their families? She never answered that one.

At that point the interview was pretty much over. Costas kept trying to scream “My brother is in Iraq” over everybody else and then descended into lamely criticizing Morano for pronouncing one of the protest leader’s names wrong.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can support this Code Pink group. Their founder is a Marxist and a big fan of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The group itself supported a world tribunal where the pre-war sanctions against Saddam Hussein for attacking neighboring country and gassing people to death were deemed inappropriate (so much for being for peace, eh?) and the cause of the terrorists fighting against our troops was called “legitimate” and “justified.”

When these people tell us they are “for our troops but against war” we shouldn’t believe them. Because clearly their leadership, if not their rank-and-file membership, is not on our side.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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