End of the line for Dr. Feelgood

Everyone’s heard of oxycontin, the potent painkiller that is the new “hot” drug for abuse that has become known as “hillbilly heroin.” While it is seriously abused, it remains a godsend and a lifesaver to a lot of people undergoing cancer treatment and other severely painful conditions. When prescribed by a conscientious doctor, the drug is often considered a godsend.

That wasn’t apparently the case with Dr. Michael R. Brown of Sandwich, MA. Dr. Brown — recently arrested for buying back painkillers he had prescribed for a patient. Police say Brown would prescribe the drugs to his patients, have them obtain them, and then purchase them from them.

Dr. Brown came to authorities’ attention when it turned out that he might be overprescribing oxycontin. They thought it odd that a single doctor had written the prescriptions for almost a full third of all oxycontin sold legally in Massachusetts.

When he was arrested, Dr. Brown had over $60,000 in cash in his car, along with numerous drugs, prescription pads, and empty liquor containers. Dr. Brown is currently facing 13 counts of possession with intent to distribute, and has had his license to practice medicine revoked.

I suspect that Dr. Brown will be resuming his practice, on a very limited and closely monitored basis, on behalf of the Massachusetts State Penal System.

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