Re-thinking things from yesterday…

Yesterday, I told the story of a 12-year-old Boston boy arrested for carrying a loaded, recently-fired gun. After the prosecutor requested $5,000 bail, the judge set it for $250,000. I had speculated that the kid’s lawyer had asked for release to his mother.

It turns out I might’ve been wrong about that. The followup in this morning’s Boston Herald actually went and talked to his mother, and it paints a bit of a different story.

The mother is from Jamaica, and she’s divorced. The kid’s father is in Canada, and hasn’t been in touch with the family for some time. And she just has two words for the judge who effectively locked up her son, her flesh and blood, until his trial:

“Thank you.”

The kid, as they say, “has issues.” A year ago he tried to smother his now-three-year-old brother with a pillow. He has a long record of other problems, and the mother’s at her wit’s end on handling him while also taking care of her younger son.

She says she’s glad he’s locked up, because at least she knows he’s safe — and can’t threaten her or his brother. And she’s hoping that he might be “scared straight” by the experience.

It’s looking like the judge might have made a pretty good move here. By setting such high bail, he brought a lot of attention to this kid’s situation specifically — and the problem of violent kids that young, by extension.

If we’re lucky, some good might actually come of this.

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