Reason on the Radar

As I was watching Hurricane Katrina swirl toward Florida (or, more specifically, as I’m watching Wolf Blitzer watch it on the Situation Room’s totally bitchin’ wall o’ TVs), I was inspired to post some post-storm wisdom from Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Justin Marshall, over at Townhall.

Williams’ and Sowell’s pieces are delightful, as usual, and all are helpful in refuting the idea that disaster areas should abandon the free market just when they need it most.

In slightly related news, if you’re hankering for that late-70s line at the gas pump, try Hawaii, which has instituted price controls on gasoline.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and is thankful for the opportunity Wizbang! gives her to write about herself in third person every now and then.

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