Defining 'Newsworthy' Down

Just came across this on the AP wire:

CHICAGO — The editor of a medical journal that published an article this week saying fetuses likely don’t feel much pain until late in pregnancy says she has received dozens of angry e-mails from abortion opponents.

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, editor in chief of The Journal of the American Medical Association, said today she had to take a walk around the block after receiving dozens of “horrible, vindictive” messages.

Dozens? That’s the lead! I’m not looking to get into the abortion discussion here; just pointing out that one person receiving dozens of angry e-mails after writing on a controversial issue does not a news story make.

If it did, Paul would be on the cover of TIME by now, and David A would be his agent.

Somehow I don’t think someone getting dozens of angry e-mails (literally dozens!)from pro-choice folks would warrant a headline, and it shouldn’t. This tidbit was worthy of a mention in a follow-up story, not an entire follow-up story.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and would be in great shape if she walked around the block every time she got an angry e-mail. Hmmm…

Re-thinking things from yesterday...
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