AP Criticizes Bush For Traveling Too Much

Good grief. First it was exercising. Then it was the vacationing myth. Now the media is on the President for, get this, traveling too much.

WASHINGTON – Getting President Bush from here to there consumes an enormous amount of fuel, whether he’s aboard Air Force One, riding in a helicopter or on the ground in a heavily armored limousine. The bill gets steeper every day as the White House is rocked by the same energy prices as regular drivers. Taxpayers still foot the bill.

Almost every vehicle Bush uses is custom-made to add security and communications capabilities, and the heavier weight of these guzzlers further drives up gas and jet fuel costs.

The White House declines to discuss travel costs related to the presidential entourage, and did not respond to a request for the overall effect of higher fuel prices on its budget.

It is not Bush’s choice to be ferried around in a less than fuel-efficient manner. Those arrangements are dictated by tradition and the Secret Service, whose mission is to protect him.

But Bush is one of the nation’s most-traveled presidents. . . .

Reducing his appearances outside the White House and making other gestures toward fuel conservation could help cut down on costs.

What a bunch of twits these journalists are. First Bush gets it because he’s not working enough. He’s “on vacation” in Crawford. Then he gets it because he’s been zipping around the globe working too much.

What do they want, Bush to ride around on a scooter surrounded by jogging secret service men?

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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