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Quite a few people are having all kinds of fun with Pat Robertson endorsing the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

I have a bit of history with Robertson. Living in New Hampshire, we tend to get a closer look at presidential candidates, and I still remember his 1988 campaign.

A friend of mine at the time got me one of Robertson’s speeches from the campaign, and it was enlightening, to say the least. The one thing I recall from it (it was, after all, 17 years ago) was his pronouncing that he would make sure every single person he appointed to office would be a born-again Christian. I guess he missed the Constitutional bit about “no religious tests.” (Article VI, Clause 3)

I’ve loathed Robertson for decades. He’s a sanctimonious, smug, vile swine who desperately needs to, as one of his colleagues said, “be called home to God.” Or, at least, struck dumb (in the mute sense; it’s too late for the more common usage).

And as for this particular explosion of idiocy: it’s my understanding that he said this on his “700 Club.” The main home of that show is the ABC Family Channel. From what I’ve heard, they can’t do anything about him; he has a contract dating from when he owned the Family Channel that’s held through its ownership by Fox and now ABC that says he gets his prime slots.

But I believe his show is carried by some broadcast stations, too, and there the FCC could apply a bit of pressure. After all, calling for the murder of a foreign head of state (even one as despicable as Hugo Chavez, who regularly announces that the US is actually trying to kill him) has to be against some law or regulation somewhere.

Earlier today, I heard Robertson called “the Michael Moore of the right.” It’s a halfway fair comparison, but I feel the need that hardly any respected figures on the Right single out Robertson for any sort of praise or position of responsibility or honor — such as, say, a seat next to a former president of the United States at a national convention.

And Robertson would NEVER be elected party chairman.

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