Wizbang visits the scene of the crime

Earlier this week, I found myself (not willingly) in downtown Lawrence, Massachusetts. And as luck would have it, near the funeral home run by Daniel Cotnoir, the former Marine Of The Year currently in trouble for firing a shotgun at some late-night rowdies who smashed his bedroom window.

I happened to have my camera with me, so I thought it might be interesting to snap a few photos of the area to give a bit of context for Wizbang readers.

It’s not quite what I expected. The club in question is on the corner, but it’s not right next to the funeral home. Across the street is a service station that looks like it used to sell gas. Its lot sits between the funeral home and the club, and it’s where the mob apparently gathered.

Here is the sign for Mr. Cotnoir’s family’s business. Because I have a crappy camera, you can’t make out his name at the bottom, but it’s there. And here is Broadway in Lawrence, also known as Route 28 and the main street of Lawrence. It runs the length of the city, right through the heart, and pretty much defines the center of town.

Here’s a shot taken from the funeral home, across the station’s lot and at the club. And conversely, here are a couple of shots taken from the club’s front door, back at the funeral home.

After having been there, and seeing just what kind of neighborhood it is and the relationships of the various buildings, my sympathies for Sgt. Cotnoir are increased tremendously. In light of the long history of troubles with the club’s patrons, and with the provocation described, I have a hard time saying what he did wasn’t justified as self-defense.

Unfortunately for him, I don’t recall the last time “self-defense” was upheld in Massachusetts as a valid defense.

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