Who gives a duck?

Earlier, I posted some photos from downtown Lawrence. Mark, the very first commenter, asked about the duck.

About ten years ago, during the height of the Beanie Baby craze, it seemed that everyone and their cousin was coming out with Beanie Buddies, Teeny Beanies, and a bunch of other knockoffs. I was pretty disgusted with the whole Beanie Baby thing, so when I saw a particularly homely ripoff, I had to have it.

I thought he looked like a bit of a punk duck, with a white Mohawk, so I called him “Mr. Ducky.” (Later, I realized he had a beak, not a bill, and I suddenly realized he was supposed to be a newly-hatched chicken, not a duck, but the name stuck.) He immediately took his place on my dashboard and served as my loyal and faithful co-pilot. And he’s stayed on the dash of every car I’ve had since (with one brief sojourn on a rear shelf, when the dash wouldn’t hold him), keeping me safe from accidents and speeding tickets. He can be seen in a couple of photos when I introduced The Shaggin’ Wagon to Wizbang readers, especially the front and rear views.

Recently, I had a few ideas for some photos that might prove interesting to Wizbang readers. But with a few of them, it might prove awkward to take the photos without attracting the wrong type of attention. Also, I thought it might be fun to “personalize” the photos, to put a little something in them to make them clearly mine. (Besides the crappy quality, of course.)

And thus was born a new feature I’ll be introducing soon — “Mr. Duckie’s New Hampshire.” I’ll be taking Mr. Duckie to various historic and notable landmarks around Manchester and southern New Hampshire for photo shoots, giving Wizbang readers a little slice of local color. I already have two sets of photos ready, with plans for two more in the near future — maybe this weekend.

It’s hardly an original idea, but I think it could be fun. And if anyone has any suggestions or requests, just mention it in the comments or e-mail them to me at jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com.

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