Military Exceeding Recruiting Goals

August 23, 2005 — WHAT was the big “Iraq” story in August? Which vital issue got the most air-time and ink? The camp-out of a sad, tormented woman who had lost her son, her marriage and her judgment.

The media pounced on poor Cindy Sheehan in an anti-Bush, anti-war frenzy. The disappointment was obvious when she decided to go home.

What should have made headlines? It would’ve been nice to see more attention devoted to the complexity and importance of drafting a new constitution for Iraq. But my nomination for the “Greatest Story Never Told” is a quieter one: Locked in a difficult war, the U.S. Army is exceeding its re-enlistment and first-time enlistment goals. Has anybody mentioned that to you?

Remember last spring, when the Army’s recruitment efforts fell short for a few months? The media’s glee would have made you confuse the New York Times and Air America.

When the Army attempted to explain that enlistments are cyclical and numbers dip at certain times of the year, the media ignored it. All that mattered was the wonderful news that the Army couldn’t find enough soldiers. We were warned, in oh-so-solemn tones, that our military was headed for a train wreck.

Now, as the fiscal year nears an end, the Army’s numbers look great. Especially in combat units and Iraq, soldiers are re-enlisting at record levels. And you don’t hear a whisper about it from the “mainstream media.”

Read the whole thing.

Its absolutely amazing that the media could be so blatantly active in trying to mislead the public with regard the war on terror. Even I was taken in on the “military will miss its recruiting goals” meme.

This recruiting news is dynamite under the wall of opposition to the Iraq war thrown up by the anti-war left. After all, how can you call Iraq a “quagmire” when the people who are on the ground and prosecuting the war in that country are re-enlisting in substantial numbers to go back and continue their mission?

In order for these anti-war activists to be credible they must show that our troops are discouraged with their mission. Without that these people just look like the appeasing, clueless political malcontents they really are. Which is why the average American isn’t going to hear about this recruiting success on the evening news.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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