Is Kos Going to Have to Purge Himself?

It was actually funny when Kos said he was going to purge the moonbats from his site. We’ve had big fun with it here at Wizbang, but now he might have to purge himself…

Today Kos went off the deep end and is declaring war on the only Dems who have managed to win a real Presidential election since Kennedy. [The DLC]

The calm before the storm

Ultimately, this is the modern DLC — an aider and abettor of Right-wing smear attacks against Democrats. They make the same arguments, use the same language, and revel in their attacks on those elements of the Democratic Party that seem to cause them no small embarrassment.

Two more weeks, folks, before we take them on, head on.

No calls for a truce will be brooked. The DLC has used those pauses in the past to bide their time between offensives. Appeals to party unity will fall on deaf ears (it’s summer of a non-election year, the perfect time to sort out internal disagreements).

We need to make the DLC radioactive. And we will. With everyone’s help, we really can. Stay tuned.

I shouldn’t have to remind you the Kos kids have lost 16 of their last 16 elections. On the other had the DLC — well James Joyner summed it up:

I would point out that the Republicans were believed to have a “lock” on the Electoral College, having won five of the last six presidential races, until DLC poster boy Bill Clinton won in 1992.

Whatever flaws the GOP has–and there are many–they will be a permanent majority party if the Howard Kos wing of the Democratic Party becomes the face of the opposition.

Remember, since Kennedy the only non-DLC Dem to win was the one who came in after Nixon. (Carter) If not for Watergate they would have lost that one too. The DLC represents the last bastion of rationalism in the Democratic party; if the kooks declare war on it, you can kiss the party good-bye..

I never thought I’d say this but I wish Kos luck. Now you’ll pardon me whilst I go enjoy the train wreck that is the Daily Kos comment section.

Update: I hate when you hit the post button and 3 minutes later you figured out what you should have said:

Kos told his followers: “(it’s summer of a non-election year, the perfect time to sort out internal disagreements)” That will come as very, very good news to (ahem) Justice Roberts.

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