Kerry Speaks Out Against Republicans

SEATTLE – Sen. John F. Kerry told state legislators Friday the Democratic Party doesn’t need to undergo an extreme makeover, saying “the last thing America needs is a second Republican Party.”

After blistering Republicans on everything from Iraq to health care, Kerry said Democrats have an opportunity to rebuild nationally by simply addressing the concerns that affect people’s daily lives — energy, transportation, health care and security.

“We have to go out and fight for the real issues that make a difference in the lives of the American people and we don’t need some great lurch to the right or lurch to the left or redefinition of the Democratic Party,” the Massachusetts Democrat said. “The last thing America needs is a second Republican Party.”

Senator Kerry is right. We don’t need another Republican party. But we do need an opposition party that has ideas of its own outside of knee-jerk obstruction and opposition to everything the Republicans do.

We need an opposition party that is truly interested in reducing pork-barrel government spending. We need an opposition party that takes the illegal immigration problem seriously. We need an opposition party that is interested in reducing government’s role in the day-to-day lives of American citizens. We need an opposition party that is for fewer entitlements.

Today’s GOP may not be many of these things (at least not in practice, anyway) but the Democrats certainly don’t fit the bill for voters interested in the things I described above. If Democrats could morph themselves into a party that takes the Republicans on in these issues I think they’d find themselves having more success than they’re having now. Because I think Americans want the things I’ve described.

Sadly, from the comments made by people like Sen. Kerry and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, it appears as though the Democrats have no interest in being that sort of party.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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