"Illegals Dropping Like Flies In The Desert" — another opinion

A lot of people are taking Rob to task for his piece where he failed to show proper compassion for a spike in deaths of illegal aliens in the Southwest deserts.

Let me see if I’ve got this right: these people are not citizens, not legal guests of this country, are breaking the laws of this country in entering, and in fact are doing everything they can to avoid the notice of the federal government. But somehow it’s the government’s fault when they walk around in a desert without proper preparation and equipment?

Maybe someone sabotaged my copy of the Constitution, but I can’t find a mention anywhere how the government is obligated to leave these people alone and allow them to enter this country freely, turning a blind eye to them until — and not an instant before — they are in dire distress.

Further, if they’ve succeeded in their goals, the government has absolutely no knowledge of their very existence, let alone their precise location and whether or not they are in trouble.

There’s an old aphorism that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Nor is it a guarantee that if you do something not only illegal, but mind-bendingly, suicidally stupid, that the government will move heaven and earth to save you from your own dumbness.

One of Rob’s detractors compared these people’s plight to those who suffered from the tsunami last December. That was a very, VERY poor comparison. Those people lived in a place that suffers such a fate perhaps once every couple of centuries — that’s a good four or five lifespans there. The illegal aliens are choosing to set themselves outside of official notification as they do something incredibly dangerous, in knowing violation of our laws. If that means that they may end up dying, they knew that going in.

The laws of Nature are much harsher than the laws of Man. In Nature, doing something stupid is often a capital offense. And Nature doesn’t have much of an appeal process.

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