No honor among thieves

I’ve often discussed how the government of Massachusetts is little better than a den of thieves, always looking for new ways to take money from people. The quest is always on for new taxes, fees, fines, surcharges, and whatnot to give the learned solons more money and, consequently, more power.

But it looks like the common thieves have finally figured something out. Legendary bank robber Willie Sutton is credited (wrongly) with answering the question of why he robbed banks by saying “that’s where the money is.”

If Beacon Hill is taking all that money, the thieves seemed to reason, then they must have a lot of good stuff. So why not help ourselves?

There is an alternate explanation. Perhaps some of those fine, noble, worthy public servants got tired of the whole legalistic rigamarole of passing laws and waiting for enforcement, and cut out the middle process.

Somehow, I suspect that suitable police resources will be dedicated to solve this rash of thefts from state offices. But in the meantime, I think I’ll be snickering.

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  1. Jim Price August 20, 2005