Forcing history to repeat itself

Ever since I first heard about it, I’ve instinctively agreed with Godwin’s Law and the implications thereof — that pretty much any comparison of anything to Nazism is a shallow, vile act that cheapens the true evil of the Nazis, and usually just demonstrates the inability of the arguer to put forth a real, cogent argument.

But every now and then, someone will actually find a valid comparison and draw an accurate parallel. The inestimable Wretchard of The Belmont Club has done so — and done it twice.

I sincerely hope that Wretchard is wrong. More than I can possibly say. I find myself hoping and wishing that the Israeli pullout from Gaza will, in the end, be seen as a step towards peace.

But Wretchard — damn him — provides a compelling argument that if history is any sort of guide, it will eventually be seen as one of the catalysts of a future cataclysm.

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