No trespassing — unless you're already here illegally

The police in Hudson, New Hampshire arrested a guy yesterday. He was spotted speeding in Nashua (right next door) in an uninspected vehicle and fled. Police found his abandoned car, which also had bald tires, near the town line. A little while later, Hudson police spotted a guy on foot nearby who matched the description. The deal was clinched when they found the Toyota’s keys in his pocket.

Winner Drumond, 26, of Nashua was charged with disobeying an officer, driving without a license, speeding, non-inspection and unsafe tires.

But he’s not being charged with criminal trespass. You see, Mr. Drumond is Brazilian, with Brazilian ID. But not a shred of evidence that he’s in the country legally. No visa, no green card, no passport, nothing.

Federal immigration officials have been notified about his capture, and he’s facing arraignment this morning on the local charges.

Anyone willing to take bets on whether Mr. Drumond will be released on bail, with instructions to come back in the future and face the charges? And, if he is, anyone wanna bet he’ll show up for trial?

I thought not.

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