Good News! The 1000mpg Hybrid Car Has Arrived!

I got this in my mail and figured it was worth a one-off guest post. If you have not read it already, you might want to read my original post about the myth of the 250mpg hybrid and the deranged reply it got. An emailer extends the argument.


With all due respect to your 250 mpg hybrid story, I think you missed the point of many of the people in the comments. In effect, they aren’t hybrids, they are electric cars that also have engines.

I can make a 1000 mpg hybrid tomorrow. All I need to do is take an electric car and hook up one of those small home generators to add some electricity back to the battery. If the car ran 100 miles on a charge before and now it gets 110 miles and I burned a half cup of gas in the generator, I get over 1000 miles per gallon of gas! WooHoo! We just won’t talk about the electricity I’m using because that would spoil our fun.

All I did was make a fancy electric car. The essence of a hybrid car is that it harnesses waste energy lost to braking to extend the gas milage of a regular car. Once you plug it into the wall it is no longer a “hybrid” and should not be called that. (Not even a “Plug in Hybrid” IMO)

I agree with your essay but you missed the best way to debunk it. They aren’t hybrids.

It really makes the envirokooks like Steve look all the more deranged. Let’s see them do a REAL 250 mpg hybrid and not a dinosaur fuel booted electric car. [ed note: I don’t think Steve is actually an ENVIROkook.] The best hybrid I’ve seen so far gets about 45 mpg. That is about 5 mpg LESS than my old Geo Metro got. Real 250 mpg hybrids are decades away if we can ever achieve them at all. There is finite energy in a gallon of gas and only so much waste can be reclaimed.

Keep up the good work, you made a great post, I just think you missed how easy the original story was to debunk. Oh and never let the crazies get you down.


I wouldn’t say I miss the point of the posters but I did miss a far easier way to debunk the story. By reducing it to the absurd, he showed the absurdity of the original story. He’s right, we can have 1000mpg “hybrids” tomorrow if that makes people happy.

I would split one microscopic hair with him. I think what today is called a “Plug in Hybrid” should be called a “hybrid.” After all it is a hybrid of both an electric car and a gas car. In my perfect world, the things we call “hybrids” today are misnamed. They should be called “Regenerative Cars” or something. But that is semantics.

Overall I think he makes a good point.

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