The Unwanted Murderer

A strange story from my home state:

A man charged with the June 10 murder of a New Rockford, N.D., man, apparently remained free Monday after Eddy County authorities refused to take him into custody to avoid medical bills.

Les Olafson, 57, was charged with murdering Selmer Veen, 83, a retired farmer, June 10, in New Rockford. Relatives said authorities told them Olafson hit Veen with a golf club.

Olafson was found late the same day 35 miles away, near Hamar, N.D., lying injured from a one-car rollover. Olafson was taken to hospitals in Devils Lake and Grand Forks before being airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where he apparently was treated for two months.

Sunday, according to The Associated Press, two nurses from the Minneapolis hospital escorted Olafson to Carrington, N.D., where he attempted to turn himself over to Eddy County authorities, who never showed up. One of the nurses, Philip Krasowski, told The Forum newspaper in Fargo that he called ahead to tell officials Olafson wanted to surrender.

But Travis Peterson, Eddy County state’s attorney, refused to take custody of Olafson because he didn’t want to take responsibility for his medical bills, Krasowski told The Forum.

It wasn’t clear Monday where Olafson was.

Dakota Pundit, who lives near the area where this happened, has more details.

Its definetly a weird case. On one hand, I’d definetly like to see this murdering bastard behind bars. On the other hand, I hate to see taxpayer’s have to pick up the tab for his medical care. Eddy County is extremely rural. Law enfrorcement’s budget is small because, frankly, there just isn’t a lot of crime there. Were the Eddy County Sheriff’s Department to take on Olafson’s it would probably be one of the largest, if not the largest, expenditure in their budget.

Law enforcement is keeping tabs on Mr. Olafson, and he certainly doesn’t pose much of a threat in his present state, so I guess I have to credit Eddy County with having some fiscal restrain.

I think…

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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