Tara Reid, Ambassador To The World.

One thing I like about guest-blogging here while Kevin is gone is that I get to be far more gossipy and tacky than I ever am at WILLisms.com. In that spirit…

The ever-classy Tara Reid has a new show on the E! network, called Taradise. She roams around the world, getting wasted and exploring fabulous locations.

The network bills it (probably mockingly) as a way to improve international relations:


If America has an image problem in the world, Tara Reid is part of the reason, not part of the cure. Especially with nights out like these, with her drinking buddy Paris Hilton (don’t worry, nothing is popping out of her shirt, but I do warn you that supreme trashiness is ahead):

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Just for reference, Tara Reid turns 30 later this year.





Larger versions can be found here (it is a work-safe site, but there is some adult language).

In my international travels, I have tried to get to the bottom of why some people in the world dislike Americans and American culture. It usually has less to do with American policy than you might think. One of the common threads, meanwhile, is that “Americans drink to get drunk.”

Tara Reid, ambassador to the world.

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