Sheehan Getting More And More Attention

The Pittsburgh Channel – Cindy Sheehan — who’s 24-year-old soldier son, Casey, died in Sadr City in 2004 — started the vigil Aug. 6. She said she’ll stay through Bush’s month-long vacation unless he agrees to a meeting.

And now, a local elected official is joining her cause.

State Sen. Jim Ferlo booked a flight and took off for Crawford, Texas, this weekend. He’s met with Sheehan. But she says she’s not leaving the road outside the president’s ranch until she gets to talk with him.

It’s getting crowded. In fact, a circus-like atmosphere is beginning to appear in the news coverage of the demonstration.

I still can’t understand why this protest by Sheehan is worthy of anything more than the most casual mention in the media. She is demanding to meet with President Bush to “get answers” about the war. The problem is that a) she’s already met with the President once and b) the “answers” she wants are to questions like “Why did you murder my son?” and “Why are the Jews the real terrorists?” Why should the President subject himself to that?

Of course, you’re not going to read much about the Jewish conspiracy nonsense Cindy Sheehan is spewing in any major media outlet. After all, journalists wouldn’t want you thinking that Cindy is out of her gourd or anything. They’d like you to think that she’s a nice old lady who just wants to sit down and have a pleasant, perhaps tearful chat with the President. “The Jews are the real terrorists” rhetoric just doesn’t fit into that picture.

Many would probably say that Sheehan is in the spotlight because she is the mother of a fallen soldier and is worthy of our attention. But if that’s true, why don’t the parents who support the war and their children’s sacrifice getting this kind of attention? There’s plenty of them out there.

I guess we’re all going to have to sit back and watch as the media spins Cindy’s spittle-flecked tirades and over-the-top hyperbole into “heart wrenching” fodder for endless media stories. Not because Cindy Sheehan is doing anything constructive, but because it feels good to make the President look evil.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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