Why I'm Boycotting Matt Drudge

Ok, let me start by saying I think (99% of all) organized boycotts are just dumb and more importantly ineffective. But having said that, there are some products I refuse to buy and websites I refuse to visit as my own little (free market) protest.

I’m not asking anyone to join me, but effective today, I’m boycotting Drudge. There are just too many damn popups. One or 2 is annoying enough but geeze I’m getting them 4 at a time. If I want that, I’ll go to a porn site.

The bottom line: The annoyance of the popups is greater than the worth of the information I get from his site.

I’m a big believer in the free market. At some point if enough other people like me quit visiting then maybe he’ll realized he’s killing the golden goose. If people don’t mind the popups then so be it.

I know I represent about .000000001% of Drudge’s traffic… But that’s how the free market works.

As for me, I’ll go to Lucianne or something.

UPDATE: People keep telling me to run a popup blocker… Please read the extended version of this story… I covered that in the post but many missed it since it is in the extended version.

UPDATE 2: By golly it’s a movement.

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And another thing I don’t get. I use either Safari or Foxfire, both of which block popups. Drudge and a few others are now running scripts to beat the popup blockers. Why? All that does is piss me off. It DOES NOT make me want to buy their product.

Obviously, from Drudge’s chair, it is all about impressions… But do the advertisers really want their name attached to this method? Personally, when I see the name of big company on a popup I pretty much don’t want to do business with them. If it is on a popup specifically set to override a blocker, it will be a cold day in hell before I give them any money. They might have crammed their ad in my face, but I don’t have to pay them to do it again. Period.

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