From the halls of Montezuma to the slums of Lawrence, MA

I’ve often lambasted Lawrence, Massachusetts. I’ve described it as “the armpit of Massachusetts” and discussed its various scandals and shortcomings. But one time I did say something nice about it — when I praised it as the home town of Marine Reservist Sgt. Daniel Cotnoir, chosen last year as Marine Of The Year.


Sgt. Cotnoir has come home, and is having a bit of trouble adapting to civilian life. He lives near a night club in Lawrence. A loud night club in Lawrence. A night club so loud, he’s complained to the police several times.

But early Saturday morning, the cops didn’t show up quickly enough. Someone in the crowd apparently threw a bottle at Cotnoir, standing in his second floor window. It shattered, wounding him In retaliation, he fired off a shotgun — wounding two in the crowd.

Man, it looks like no matter who you are Lawrence will eventually drag you down.

(Further coverage here and here)

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