Gee, who'd'a thunk this might not work?

Ah, time for more Massachusetts bashing…

One of the many things that makes Massachusetts unique is that the commonwealth is the only one of the fifty states that regulates auto insurance rates. No, that’s not fair — they set them, and insurers who don’t like that can just take their business elsewhere.

And, surprise, surprise — a bunch of them did. Currently, there are only 18 companies that offer people auto insurance in Massachusetts — and that will go to 17 soon, as yet another one has said they they’ve had enough.

Lawmakers have been calling for “insurance reform” for some time, hoping to find the magic formula that will not only persuade the companies still doing business in Massachusetts to stay, but perhaps entice more to come in. For example, in Massachusetts you can watch a gecko do the robot, but you can’t buy auto insurance from him.

Here’s a radical thought for those learned solons of Beacon Hill: if you’re doing something different than any other state, and you’re having problems in that area that no other state is having, ther just might be a connection.

Nah, that’ll never work. Too much like logical thinking. It’ll never fly.

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