Attention Internet Users: We have a Nerd Swarm on Aisle 3

from the they’ll-be-sorry-they-asked dept.

The U.S. Copyright office asked for a little input. They want to know if, since Microsoft refuses to write a browser that actually uses internet standards, if it would be OK with their users if they made their site an IE only site.

Now, the obvious answer is that is why we have internet standards. Make the site comply with the standards and if Microsoft won’t support that standard, let the marketplace take care if it. Instead the copyright office wants to bend over and let Microsoft become the de-facto internet governing body.

As you might imagine, this has more than a few people hacked. In fact there is a letter writing campaign starting over at Slashdot. If /. does it’s usual job, I’m thinking the Copyright office will be sorry they asked.

BTW- One poster at /. took the words out my mouth (see below)

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I find it extremely interesting that the government in the past has brought an anti-trust suit against Microsoft for being a monopoly, however they themselves would help to propagate this by using their software. Not to mention allowing ONLY their software, they are ensuring that any user who wants to visit their site also must “pay” Microsoft, thus even further contributing to the “monopoly”.

I would have thought that if the government was under the impression that Microsoft was a monopoly (true or not), they would have taken steps to help prevent adding to that situation, and support a different browser for their site, or *gasp* don’t require *ANY* browser, but rather just design it to be functionally usable by any W3C compliant browser. Add in the 508 compliance for web accessbility, and you can’t go wrong.

Government, make up your mind.

That pretty much sums up.

Gee, who'd'a thunk this might not work?
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