Iran Backing Network Of Terrorists In Iraq

I’m not surprised.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An Iranian-backed network of insurgents in Iraq is responsible for a new type of lethal roadside bomb, part of plans by Tehran to influence its neighbor that began even before the U.S. invasion, Time magazine reported on Sunday.

Citing a U.S. military intelligence document, the magazine said that over the past eight months, a network of insurgents led by a man named Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani had introduced bombs based on a design from the Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hizbollah that can easily pierce battle tank armor.

The document estimated that al-Sheibani’s team comprised 280 members divided into 17 bomb-making teams and death squads, Time said.

This appeared to be part of an Iranian plan for gaining influence in Iraq that began before the United States invaded in March 2003, Time said. Its investigation was based on documents smuggled from Iran and interviews with U.S., British and Iraqi intelligence officials, as well as an Iranian agent, armed dissidents and Iraqi militia and political allies.

Time cited an unnamed senior U.S. military official in Baghdad as saying one of the new bombs killed three British soldiers in Amarah last month.

“One suspects this would have to have a higher degree of approval (in Tehran),” it quoted the official as saying.

Meanwhile morally bankrupt leaders in Europe and the UN continue to call for “taking war off the table” with regard to Iran in favor strongly-worded resolutions and political sanctions.

And by “political sanctions” they mean the same sort of measures that put billions of dollars in illegal kickbacks in the pockets of international bureaucrats around the world with the Oil for Food Program while simultaneously allowing Saddam Hussein to bribe his way toward the resumption of his WMD programs.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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