Christopher Walken In 2008?

Help me out here.

How fake is this?


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Did Christopher Walken actually approve this? Or did some fan just make the site as a joke?

A Google News search only brings up a World Net Daily link on the matter.

If this is a serious trial balloon, it’s amazingly poor– and amateurish. Just look at the “platform” he’s got going:

Campaign Finance Reform:
“I believe that campaign finance is a very tough issue, with good points on both sides; but I feel, as a wealthy american, that I should have no more say than even the least fortunate American citizen. That is why I am for campaign finance reform.”

Military Funding:
“I am a huge supporter of the military. I have always thought of them as our guardians, and when our guardians are making less than the poverty line, and children are suffering because their parents decided to join the military, well, I get very upset. I feel that instead of sending billions to the Pentagon’s pet projects, it should go to the troops.”

Stem Cell Research:
“I’d met Chris Reeve several times before he died, and after having met him it is tough to be against it [stem cell research]. I am for human knowledge and expansion of human life. If stem cells are one way to do that, I need to be a good friend of stem cells.”

Christopher Walken is one of my favorite actors. I know that’s weird, since he’s so weird. But he’s good. Whether we’re talking about the “watch speech” from Pulp Fiction, the creepy Saturday Night Live performances, or supporting roles in comedies like Wayne’s World 2 and Wedding Crashers, Walken is just a gifted and talented artist. And a great dancer (Fatboy Slim music video, anyone?).

But President?

Come on. Where’s the punch line?

The official Walken 2008 website is not really funny enough to be a joke, and not realistic enough to be an all-out hoax.

So help me out, here.

Is it possible that this more than an awkwardly-executed publicity stunt?

Will Franklin is an awkward-executed publicity stunt, at

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