All right, I'm in charge here!

Joyous news! Kevin has departed on his long-overdue vacation, and as a sign of his desperate need for that break, he’s left me in charge around here.

And with my ascension, I think it’s time to institute a few changes.

First, from now on, all postings must start with the letter “J.” This is to make sure that I am accorded my proper respect, and to remind the posters just who is in charge around here.

Likewise, all comments must also start with “J.” I insist that I be given the the respect and deference that is my due.

These will be rigorously enforced, and repeated violations will result in banning.

Secondly, commenters who disagree with me will find their comments edited to show proper deference. Those who repeatedly criticize me will find themselves banned.

Thirdly, the Caption Contests will no longer have First Place awards. It will be known as the “Jay Tea Memorial First Place,” in recognition of my past mastery of the art of the humorous caption. The next-best caption will be known as the “Rodney Dill Perennial Also-Ran” award, and third shall be called the “McGehee One Step Above An Utter Loser” award. And a “Laurence Simon Sick And Twisted Bastard” dishonorable mention shall always be chosen, but it may never actually be given to Laurence.

Also, at least one of the top three winners must involve a fart joke.

There will be more announcements as I think of them. In the meantime, though, enjoy the New And Improved Jay Tea’s Wizbang, as I finally assume my rightful place.

Jay Tea currently writes for Wizbang! exclusively, but that may be changing in the near future — which just might be news to him.

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  7. goddessoftheclassroom August 12, 2005
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  13. McCain August 12, 2005
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  15. JAT0 August 12, 2005
  16. JAT0 August 12, 2005
  17. Laurence Simon August 12, 2005
  18. jFrankR August 12, 2005
  19. -S- August 12, 2005
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  21. Clancy August 12, 2005
  22. fatman August 12, 2005
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