Wizbang Gets Results

Wizbang- August 08, 2005

Last week Air America said they could not pay back the near million bucks of public money they purloined because of the on-going investigation. Then the investigators said Air America had full permission to start repaying the money. But there seems to be a stand-off.

I have the simple solution. That’s why we have escrow accounts. Let Air America start making payments into an escrow account then when the whole thing is sorted out Gloria Wise can get the money that much faster. Easy Done.

New York Daily News- August 11, 2005

“We’re not commenting on anything right now because of the delicate nature of negotiations to get the money back” from Air America, said spokesman Jim Grossman.

The left-wing radio network, which showcases Al Franken, last Friday made a $50,000 repayment on the loan to an escrow account controlled by the station’s lawyer.

And astute readers will know just how effective we really were. 😉

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