Major Leaguer Falls For The Oldest Trick In The Book

Talk about a play you don’t see very often in Major League Baseball.

MIAMI (AP) — Baserunners, beware. When you stop at third base against the Florida Marlins, don’t let Mike Lowell out of your sight.

For the second time in less than a year, Lowell made a fool of an unsuspecting runner with the hidden-ball trick.

Just when Arizona’s Luis Terrero thought it was safe to take a lead, Lowell caught him wandering off the bag in the eighth inning Wednesday night. The sleight of hand halted a Diamondbacks rally, and the Marlins went on to win in a rout, 10-5.So you’re probably thinking that it couldn’t get any worse for the Diamondbacks, right? Wrong…

Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin came out of the dugout to argue the call, to no avail.

That’s just embarassing…

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