Heads Up!!!

What happens when two Gold Glove outfielders, both in full sprint, lay out to make a diving catch of the same line drive?

If you guessed a frightening face-to-face collision, you’d be right.

New York Mets’ Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran both sprinted toward a sinking liner of the bat of San Diego Padre David Ross, both outfielders watching the ball and diving toward the same spot. They didn’t see each other and smashed face-to-face in what Mets and Padres players said was one of the scariest collisions they’ve ever seen.

Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd describes the scene, “I couldn’t go over there, man. Once I saw the blood, I’m not good with blood.”

Somehow MLB.com had the full story before it even happened [Note the time on the article was originally 8:05PM – it’s since been changed]. Nicholas Stix has more on MLB’s psychic reporting.

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